This NASA/CRE2DO Semester Long program will engage undergraduate students (Freshman/Sophomore/Junior) to conduct an individual research project under the guidance of a faculty and/or graduate student mentor at Florida International University.

Date: The NASA/CRE2DO program runs for the Fall and Spring Semester.

Important: In order to be considered for the CRE2DO Internship Experience, you will need to send your mentor’s consent/approval in your application.

Research Projects

Listed below are faculty whose projects overlap with the research theme of the NASA/CRE2DO program. However, if you are interested in conducting research with a different faculty member as part of this NASA/CRE2DO program, please discuss with the faculty member and if he/she is interested in mentoring you, let us know ASAP.

Faculty Members and Research Topics

Prof. Elias Alwan – Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering

Research Area:  Smart antenna arrays and RF Systems

Prof. Raphael Raptis – Department of Chemistry

Research Area: Octanuclear Hetero metallic Clusters with High Spin Ground State

Prof. Hebin Li – Department of Physics

Research Area:  Ultrafast spectroscopy of 2D semiconductors

Prof. Daniela Radu – Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Research Area:  2D Chalcogenide Materials for Advanced Optoelectronic Devices

Prof. Cheng-Yu Lai – Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Research Area: Group IV nano alloys for optoelectronic  applications, Multi functional Nano carriers

for Drug delivery; Smart Micro capsules for Sanitary Cleaning.


Please check often as more projects are coming soon.


To be eligible for the 2021 NASA/CRE2DO program you must :

  • Be a U.S Citizen or Permanent Resident 
  • Enrolled in a two-year or four-year degree program at FIU 
  • GPA 2.75

Notice for Prospective Students

 Applications for the 2021 NASA/CRE2DO semester-long are posted, new applicants are welcome!


For any questions regarding the 2021 NASA/CRE2DO program, Please contact Dr. Cheng-Yu Lai ( or Program Assistant, Eduimar Hinestroza (