CRE2DO’s primary goal is to develop cutting-edge technologies that integrate 2D materials in space-resilient infrastructure materials, communication devices, and small satellite technology. The nanomaterials enhance reliability of mechanical and electrical components in spaceship devices and wearable electronics. The superconductor materials developed by CRE2DO aim to eliminate the need for battery power, while the material composites could be used in the infrastructure for spaceship components destined for Mars, and on wearable electronics placed inside space suits to enable high-speed communication by astronauts back to the space station.


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Calling young space explorers: FIU NASA CRE2DO program expands

As a child, Melissa Venedicto dreamed of becoming an orthopedic surgeon, but as an undergraduate at FIU, she became so intrigued by the materials used in prosthetic devices that she pursued a major in biomedical engineering. It was in a biomaterials class that she found her true passion …